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Our area, the Southeast United States, is the best diving in our country.  Whether you are diving in a freshwater spring in Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico, you will be enchanted by the wonders of the deep.

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I’m John Crabtree and I am the owner of Crabman Scuba.  My nickname in college and in dive school was Crabman.  I have always wanted to go Scuba Diving since I was a little kid watching the TV show Flipper and also watching Penny in the Inspector Gadget cartoons go diving.

When I was a kid, my father was going to take my brother and I diving but he fell ill with cancer so I was not able to fulfill this dream till I was a young grown up at the age of 24.  When I dived for the first time in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, I discovered diving to be even more magical than I had ever dreamed.

I want to share this magic with as many people as I can whether they can afford it or not.  I also don’t believe in charging for children to experience this magic as I would of done just about anything for the opportunity to go diving when I was a kid.  I use to bug my dad about diving just as much as bugged him about going to Walt Disney World.

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